Condo Apartment Sales Sold Prices/Square Foot In Cities Around The Globe Why Buying A Condominium In Toronto Is A Shrewd Investment

As compared to other major cities around the world, Toronto condo prices are still affordable for many.

Currently one Canadian dollar is worth around .78 cents US. The lower Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar translates into greater purchasing power for international buyers with capital in US funds.

Toronto All The Software Of Manhattan Without The Hard Drive

Canada is a country known for its political and economic stability.  As Canada's largest city, Toronto is the financial centre for the country.

In 2021, The Economist ranked Toronto as the 2nd safest city in the world.
The University Of Toronto is the top university in Canada. For 2022, UofT ranks 16th in the world and shares this positition with Princeton University and University College London.

What It Costs To Buy A Condo Apartment In Major Cities Around The World

Comparing price per square foot for condo flats or apartments located in the downtown core of the world's premier cities.  
Source Numbeo April 2022

City Sold Price/Sq Ft USD Sold Price/Sq Ft CAD
Hong Kong $3,037 $3,857
Singapore $1,937 $2,460
Shenzhen, China $1,805 $2,293
Shanghai, China $1,782 $2,263
London, United Kingdom $1,632 $2,072
New York City $1,393 $1,769
Geneva, Switzerland $1,353 $1,718
Sydney, Australia $1,254 $1,593
Paris, France $1,223 $1,553
San Francisco, United States $1,048 $1,331
Boston, United States $1,032 $1,310
Tokyo, Japan $958 $1,217
Vancouver, Canada $953 $1,211
Toronto, Canada $938 $1,191
Los Angeles, United States $857 $1,089
Auckland, New Zealand $853 $1,083
Hamburg, Germany $849 $1,079
Seattle, United States $685 $870
Rome, Italy $631 $801

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