Real Estate Words Terms & Meanings Unique To Toronto Canada WORDS, TERMS & MEANINGS UNIQUE TO TORONTO AND CANADA

When saying "Toronto" many Torontonians drop the second t, pronouncing it as "Trono"

Bachelor apartment - also known as a studio apartment or efficiency is a unit that has no separate bedroom

Cheque – exactly the same as a check, a written order directing a bank to pay out money

Chesterfield – couch or sofa

College – refers to community college in Canada.  This is distinct from a university, which is a post-secondary institution that grants a degree.

Cottage – summer vacation home, camp or cabin on a body of water

Duplex – refers to a house divided into 2 separate apartments or flats each having its own entrance

Eavestroughs – the rain gutters that attach to the underside of the roof of a house

Elfs – electric light fixtures

FAG – refers to a forced air gas furnace heated by natural gas it pushes out hot air

Garburator – garbage disposal unit under the kitchen sink

Humidex – measurement used by meteorologists to measure the combination of heat and humidity in the air

Hydro – refers to electricity as in most electricity comes from hydroelectric power

Johnny on the spot – porta potty or portable toilet often seen on construction sites Canadian Dollar The Loonie Victoria Boscariol Chestnut Park Real Estate Toronto

Klick – slang for kilometre 

Loonie - the Canadian one dollar coin features the national bird on it, the loon.  A twoonie or toonie is the two dollar coin 

Penthouse – the suite on the top floor of a condo building with the sub-penthouse or lower penthouse referring to one floor below the penthouse level

Postal code – the Canadian version of the British postcode or the American zip code

Snowbirds – retired people or seniors who head to the southern United States for the winter and return to Canada in the summer

Solarium – a den or a room in a condo apartment with lots of windows that does not have a closet

Square feet - officially Canada uses the metric system of measurement however the Toronto real estate industry uses square feet rather than square metres when referring to measurement of space and rooms in condos and homes.  

The GTA – The Greater Toronto Area is made up of not only the City of Toronto but is also comprised of the surrounding areas including Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, King, Pickering and Ajax. 

Washroom – bathroom, loo or restroom

905 – the area code for just outside Toronto often used to describe the suburbs of the GTA 

Some Nicknames For Toronto

Hogtown – Toronto was home to one of Canada’s earliest meat packers

Hollywood North – lots of movies and television shows are shot in Toronto as it is often a stand in for New York City, Chicago and Washington DC

The 6ix or The Six – popularized by the rapper Drake refers to the Toronto area codes 416 and 647

YYZ – airport identification code for Toronto Pearson International Airport

Some Nicknames For Toronto Landmarks Royal Ontario Museum ROM Michael Lee-Chin Crystal Yorkville Toronto Victoria Boscariol Chestnut Park Real Estate

Av & Dav – the intersection of Avenue Rd and Davenport known for its row of flower markets

The 5 Thieves – the term used affectionately by locals to describe the upscale gourmet food stores on Yonge St south of Summerhill that includes a butcher, green grocer and fish market

The Hangar - the Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Raptors (basketball) and Toronto Maple Leafs (hockey)

The Mink Mile – the stretch of Bloor St West between Yonge and Avenue Road where all the designer luxury brands have their flagship stores

The ROM – the Royal Ontario Museum 

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